Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A QWERTY Freakcake

I had planned quite an interesting entry to inaugurate this blog, believe you me! The exposition would have given a quick rundown of my story (husband crashed hangglider in the Alps, I'm raising our girl Li'l G, etc.). It could have led to an account of the bizarre underworld I entered after a trial sign-up at two Internet dating sites this week.

Also, tentatively I might have segued to how I came to be called a Freakcake this week. (This little gem of an insult might have been spewed with a tiny scrap of affection, maybe not; but it doesn't matter. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE, FOR BRINGING THE WORD FREAKCAKE INTO MY LIFE.)

Anyway, back to my first blog post: Change of plans. I am now feeling too QWERTY after I tried to compose the post on my new iGadget. Suddenly the T, G and V keys didn't work. So auto-spell correction kicked in. And what I got was a whole new perspective. I'll share an excerpt:

In the yes I have been sad mad lonely in denial and Thor well it's re dor se lobe and fun again! Which brings me ro web daring.
IRS hood fund and dine. Done her wrong. Buy it purs a big lump my belly to face it. I can't stop yhinling of Flemish rugby beetles. All the peoe who feel they're missing seyhomhsybe the best thing on earth. .... And I'd they Sony hey this right theyihhy never hey it. One night likesall I Cosby sleep.

Thank you, Apple! I couldn't have put it better myself.


  1. Adore! I could even be French about it J'adore!
    Love the title. Love the humor! Love the vocabulary! Onward qwerty freakcakes!

  2. I'll have what she's having ;-)

  3. I second what kooki said and I have started envisaging a freakcake college, where we might develop more qwertiness. I love your writing Mac Beff, keep it coming.

  4. Ms. Freakcake, that spelling-enhanced entry made me laugh outloud.
    I don't know if you are musical (probably doesn't matter), but when you and Gwenni start your goth metal hair band, you should call it Freakcake.


  5. Elizabeth, did I mention that we already have a Goth hair-metal band? Seriously, Gwenni pumps some hardcore air guitar, diving down on her knees and the whole works.
    Thank you so much for laughing and telling me so!
    Chris and Colleen, too, thanks for your comments - warms the cockles of my heart, and Chris - that is the most awesome review any opening has ever/could ever get. Thanks!