Thursday, November 25, 2010


I can't believe it: I finally have another baby, and I'm neglecting it!

Okay, it's just a baby blog; and it's certainly preferable that I neglect that "baby" than my real, beautiful six-year-old "baby" girl. Still, I don't want to leave my precious readers empty-handed. (Empty-eyeballed?)

So my humble but delicious offering is the recommendation of this book: Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar..., subtitled Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes - by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein.

It's essentially a silly version of Philosophy 101, a breezy introduction to the subject, with all ideas illustrated by jokes. Some of the jokes are really, really funny. Many are terrible groaners - terrible in the way that only jokes can be terrible, yet still be good. I laughed out loud a lot, which doesn't usually happen when I'm reading. ( one might imagine, considering I tend to favor the likes of Hamlet. Ha!)

Here's a one-liner from the book, on the subject of ethics:
A sadist is a masochist who follows the Golden Rule.

Another quickie:
Secretary: Doctor, there's an invisible man in the waiting room.
Doctor: Tell him I can't see him.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving! If a chuckle isn't something to thankful for, I don't know what is.

With sincere gratitude for you, dear Reader,
Lady MacBeff

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