Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i Am a Star (or not)

Before returning to the hairy tales of the online love connection scene, which seem to have aroused some curiosity, here are a few thoughts on... why the blog and why now?
It's something I've contemplated for a while. When we were moving to Switzerland in '05, I had already set up a blog to recount our anticipated Alp-and-dairy-filled expat adventures to family and friends. Since Oliver's mishap, too, I've occasionally mulled blogging. I am a writer, but lost without an audience or a deadline.

Most importantly, in a perfect world, my scrawls could help people who are feeling lonely or lost in somewhat similar situations, looking for someone who might understand*; or maybe even help me forge connections with others who could somehow relate to what I/we have been going through.

But why now, after so long? After so long... partly because I don't do anything without torturing myself for at least 12 months by wondering whether I should do it or not!

But I may also have pinpointed another motivation. The surprising conjecture is that... I maybe can trace my sudden blogaciousness to... the acquisition of my iThang. (Yes, this would be the same new iPod Touch that busted its keyboard after just a couple weeks - unleashing its maniacal auto-spell checker, and thus making me blog about Flemish rugby beetles in conjunction with my (non)lovelife.)

Perhaps, I think, the iThing has made me more self-centered. Or at least, more prone to translating my thoughts into narrative. With the iPod, my life suddenly has a soundtrack. The sound is so good and cloaks my brain in mostly handpicked songs, so I walk around feeling like I'm in a movie starring... yours truly, of course. I get in character a little, like last week: Lots of Clash songs made me get all jaunty, maybe even a touch more smartassical than usual. (Dangereuse!) I do not know if this is just a freakcake thing, or if other earbudded heads out there feel the same? The old Walkman, or Discman, just didn't have this effect.

But even as I shutter out the universe a bit by plugging my ears with little buds, this blog is meant to open my window to the world a little wider. C'mon in, world. Let the communing begin!
*Please feel free to share the blog/ invite others to subscribe if you know anyone who might appreciate it....


  1. Dear Lady MacBeff,

    Stay in character! I'm loving it! Hamlet's problem was that he never had an ithing and died too young to read your blog! I would like to know how the semester abroad thing worked out, like how conflicted do you get if you did up to and over ten years abroad? Or never went home?
    Mrs Crocodile

  2. Wow, I hadn't quite thought of that before, but I always feel like writing when I am listening to my IPod's mast Angie playlist. I love that you are writing, and happy to be able to read about your life. I also met my husband through an internet dating site. I didn't go on many dates,but the few I did go on were doozies. Amongst them was a gay man trying to convince himself he was straight, a trollish music reviewer who told me I was too old for him (I was 33 at the time)and a triathelete who was very nice, but on the first date, gave me a list of dos and don'ts for internet dating. It was a little like a seminar.

  3. Thank you both!
    Colleen, if Hamlet hadn't come back, he would be much better off for it. And we could have met and loved each other the way it was meant to be. Pathetic, but he's my literary soulmate. My dad also died during my semester abroad, though my mom didn't remarry a creep two months later.

    Ang, those men sound so nuts but sounds like it was worth it to work your way to Sam. Thank you for all of your encouragement!