Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tip Me Over and Pour Me Out

So... (master of transitions, I am!)....
I began to blog recently, with half a decade of churning thoughts and emotions and a w i l d l y unbalanced sleep budget synthesizing to spawn in my mind reams of blog-ready rants (or posts, if you prefer less alliteration).

Now in the meantime, something nice veryveryvery suddenly and unexpectedly happened. It is a total surprise to me. And it's been making the Sweet seep in ever so slightly deeper and determinedly squeezing out little drops of Bitter and Salty. A teensy vent has been tapped (gently) into, and a wee stream of steam's been released. (For now. If, like the little teapot, I get all steamed up again, you'll hear me shout.)

But for now, in the way a GPS is forced awkwardly to re-calculate the route if you make an unexpected turn, I feel like my creative m.o. unexpectedly is in a little phase of disorientation and adjustment.

(And no, I won't go into the details: I will leave everyone to work out for him/herself what I might possibly be talking about. And there's no extra credit for showing the work if you try to solve the equation.)

Incidentally, last night I got to do something I've had my eye on for years; namely dine at a restaurant that is the only Basel item in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. If you run into me and catch me with a moony expression on my face, I may be recalling how exquisitely the red wine tangoed with the rucola-pimento polenta. So ridiculously wonderful... sigh.....

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  1. I like the picture and I love the blog...keep it coming Lady MacBeff!