Friday, March 30, 2012

Sock It to Me, Angel: A Quiz

This is an interactive post: a brief, multiple-choice quiz. Ready?
You tell your 7.5-year-old that she may not walk around outside in only socks. She acts as if she doesn't even hear you. (For added challenge, picture her friend and some neighbors watching and listening to you both.)

Choose an answer. You:

Yes, she has shoes on. But just look how sinister this sock shot is! 

A. Are a terrible, failure of a parent. Your child has zero respect for you. Maybe it's because of the dysfunctional family and your single parenting. She is learning that it's okay to display practically sociopathic tendencies. Is this normal for a second grader? She will be dressing like Rihanna by third grade, moving out and smoking crack by middle school.

B. Realize she is just testing her boundaries. As a 1-year-old she willfully tossed her peas off the high chair, as a 7-year-old she's wearing socks in the gravel. It's frustrating but normal and practically inevitable.

C. Need to chill out. It's just socks.

D. Must learn to accept that she is simply a bad seed.

I'm eager to hear your take, lovely readers! Here's to an A+!
Lady MacBeff


  1. I just found this. Somehow it went under my reading radar when you posted it.

    I think the most healthy response a healthy parent would give is
    E. All of the Above

    But it's only healthy if all of the above runs through your head in a millisecond and then you shrug your shoulders and say, "When we get home I'm going to show you how the washing machine works. And also I won't pay for the replacement of any socks that reach an early demise as a result of intimate contact with gravel."

    And I'd say barefoot is better but all our shoes are flip flops. Until the school complained and said we need to buy shoes that are not designed for frolicking on the beach.

    The thing I love about reading your blog, is a) it's fun b)makes me remember these details in my own life that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise

  2. I also thought of "all of the above." The added challenge is the worst: I hate it when I go to our neighbors to find my kids who have been playing there and the kids don't just come with me but want to argue. That horrible feeling of having to argue with your kids in front of others! Especially about trivial things!

  3. My answer is: E. Guilt
    I grew up after World War II and our parents knew the answer. There are poor children around the world who wish they HAD socks! Finish your food because there are poor kids in Europe who wish they HAD something to eat! Clean your room can guess the rest. Yes, guilt is tried and true. Ask any Jewish mother. And now you know why there are so many Jewish doctors...They're needed to treat the adults who now have guilt complexes!